Time is we do not come loose.【时光不老,我们不散】

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1.Time is we do not come loose.【时光不老,我们不散】

2.我的脾气赶走了很多人 但留下了最真的人 My temper off a lot of people but the most people really

3.Why would i ever think of leaving you 我怎么可能会想离开你

4.Laugh Until You Cry; Cry Until You Laugh 笑到终于哭出来;哭到终于笑出来。

5.Those allowed to be capricious Scalled youth . 那些允许被任性的年代叫做青春。

6.-I miss you but I miss you. [我想你但我却错过了你】

7.I am a does not contain any additives lunatic .我是一个不含任何添加剂的疯子。

8.To unmb the pain to laugh off my . 痛到麻木 才能笑得畅快淋漓。

9.用一杯水的单纯,面对一辈子的复杂 With a cup of pure water, face a lifetime of complex

10.Before you give up, think of the reason why you held on so long. 放弃之前,想想自己为何坚持了这么久

11.高中英语必修三第四单元第八个短语是:Big Bang!