I want to be your bride . 【 我想成为你的新娘 】

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1.I want to be your bride . 【 我想成为你的新娘 】

2.Be the best version of you. 做最好版本的你。

3.I want to do that you sad when the first thought of people . 我想做那个你难过时第一个想起的人。

4.Time cut scar is called growth. 时间划破的伤疤叫做成长

5.take the piace of you in my heart。 (没有人能代替你在我心中的位置。)

6.I was unconditionally and irrevacobly in love with him. 我不顾一切地爱上了他/

7.you are so beautiful for me

8.I love you even if you fall in love with another of her.我喜欢你 哪怕你爱上了另一个她

9.To unmb the pain to laugh off my . 痛到麻木 才能笑得畅快淋漓

10.Things do not change; we change世界没变,是我们变了。

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